Monday, April 8, 2019

Old Bob Dylan Song Gets a Rewrite (For Our Times)

come politicians and industrialists
it’s time that you all began to admit
so much you have done hasn’t helped us a bit
and there ain’t no use in denyin’
you’ve sunk us all deeper and deeper in shit
for the climate is a-changin’

young people, school strikers, take it to the max
for none can afford to sit back and relax
as those with the wealth they falsify facts
while their taxes they are avoidin’
it’s time to undo the way things are stacked
for the climate is a-changin’

come lovers of species so precious and rare
that will soon be extinct if we don’t start to care
for the planet we live on, its seas and its air
why can’t we all just start sharin’
without exploitation what’s left of what’s there
for the climate is a-changin’

come media people and BBC news
the time it is past for ‘exchanging views’
and tabloids that twist with the slickest of screws
it’s time you all started agreein’
our planet’s no longer a thing to abuse
for the climate is a-changin’

come folk who think your lives safe and secure
think technology will give us the cure
the affluent lifestyle’s not fit to endure
the changes we need to be makin’
and over-consumption must lose its allure
for the climate is a-changin’

bob said the line’s drawn, the curse it is cast
and he wasn’t kiddin’, it’s happening fast
diversity mustn’t slip into the past
our chances are rapidly fadin’
and anyone left will look back aghast
for the climate is a-changin’

Feel free to sing these words at Extinction Rebellion events and climate breakdown actions in general.  If you reproduce them, give me a credit please.  Richard Foreman - Wilful Misunderstandings.  I need to sell my wares.