Thursday, July 9, 2020

Climate Breakdown Campaigners revamp iconic 70s Hovis-Ad.

‘Build Back Better’ campaign events took place across the country on the 25th of June this year, to coincide with the Annual Report to the UK government by the Committee on Climate Change. For information on the report, go to
Under the circumstances with regard to Lockdown restrictions, our action in Shaftesbury had to be small and carefully socially distanced. Half a dozen of us agreed to participate in a small parade up Gold Hill, referencing the iconic Hovis ad with bicycles, flat caps and loaves of bread in addition to our Planet Shaftesbury and Extinction Rebellion banners. Since there were few people around to witness our action, it was designed primarily for social media presentation.
One of our number filmed the event and, with assistance from the rest of us, compiled this excellent, short video mixing in found footage, sound-recorded voices from interviews and conversations on our experiences of Lockdown with particular reference to climate issues, and our hopes for the times to follow.
I have just attempted to use 'Blogger's 'Insert a Video' control to place the video itself at the top of this blog. For some reason it only appears in thumbnail size. So for a better view, if you want it, here are links to the video on You Tube:
and on Extinction Rebellion Shaftesbury's Facebook page:
If you enjoy the video and feel its message is worth passing on, please share through social media. (It will probably be easier to share the versions reachable via the above links.) Thanks.