Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Update 2 - 2019

Astute readers of this blog will no doubt have noticed its non-appearance during May.  If anyone held their breath waiting, it's obviously too late to apologise as death will doubtless have set in by now.  

Life being - as some of you will know - the bane of a writer's life, I'm afraid I had to live rather a lot of it and write very little during this period.  Positive steps, doubtless - especially a move from rented accommodation with my partner of the last three years to the house we bought in 2017 and now intend to spend the rest of our days in. There has been a logistical problem, however, with the final merging of our two households into one.  Too much stuff.  This has necessitated, on top of all the other time consuming aspects of a house move, much sorting and casting out.

But here I am writing this blog and updating my website.  A sign that some semblance of normality has returned, I think.  And preparing also for the Shaftesbury Fringe Festival, 2019, by (amongst other things) designing my pitch for this year's performance, which looks like this::


Here's a link to an interview where I talk some more about this potentially extraordinary performance. Interview

If you can't make it to the Shaftesbury Fringe on Friday evening, I'll be re-running this performance at the Tears in the Fence Poetry Festival this year also, during the Saturday evening session. 


It's a feast of poetry and no mistake. Find out more and follow updates at:

And finally (for now)...

Wilful Misunderstanding story 'The House Where Jack Dwelt' is to appear in issue 49 of Irish sf/fantasy magazine Albedo One, which I'm told is due to appear in August this year, to coincide with the SF World Conference in Dublin commencing on the 15th.  This story was submitted and accepted by the editors as far back - I think - as a couple of years before WMs was published.  As I wanted it in the book, I had to withdraw fthe offer of first publishing rights  when I published.  I thought that was the end of it, but recently a gent named Roelof Goudriaan contacted me with a request to print the story.  End of saga...