Friday, May 22, 2020

Covid Honeymoon

Well you’re not so sure that it’s going to work out fine,
in isolation here, for so much time.
You’re longing hard for some normality,
but Covid Nineteen, it doesn’t agree.
Locked down at home, wrapped in your cocoon,
you’re on Covid Honeymoon.

Your loved ones, they love to have you there,
twenty-four-seven, with a mad-eyed stare.
Up so high on the seventeenth floor,
screams and shouts that no-one can ignore.
You thought it would be safe again by June,
you’re on Covid Honeymoon.

Insults and threats, surly vicious tones,
access denied to anybody’s phones,
the one way out of here is locked and latched
and all your benefits have been snatched.
You know now that you’re living with a goon,
you’re on Covid Honeymoon.

Bright boys from Eton, failed to foretell
how close for some this would be to hell.
In between the whiskies and good, strong, British tea,
no space to consider human sanity
primed to burst like a pin-pricked balloon
it’s our Covid Honeymoon

Bold Brexiteers, they failed to foresee
health staff deaths through lack of PPE.
They won’t admit that they might have slowed the pace
if they’d set up for Lockdown with test and trace.
Yet they claim every penny spent’s a boon,
they’re on Covid Honeymoon.

So much is closed down, so many on furlough,
enterprises sinking in the growing debts they owe.
Our framework’s much more fragile than we think.
We didn’t see the abyss, ‘though we stood on the brink.
And no-one can be sure that they’re immune,
we’re on Covid Honeymoon.

So many leaders, so many talking rot,
striving to shore up what they think they’ve got;
so many corporations standing by
waiting to profit while so many people die;
hoping that you’ll still dance to their tune
and smile
on your Covid Honeymoon.

This may be our final opportunity
to change the way we run the show, a chance for us to see
the myths we’ve been living in are far from secure –
we’ve mistaken the symptoms for the cure.
But better prepare for more smoke and mirrors soon
as you smile
on this Covid Honeymoon.

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