Saturday, April 9, 2016

From Launch to Lunch

Well, here we go, into the post-publication date/post launch phase of my enterprise.  Here's how the launch went:

April 2nd - Shaftesbury Arts Centre Book Launch

So it's 2pm and the tables we've set out are burgeoning with goodies that I've bought with the help of my good friend Elaine Cadogan, but which have been doubled in quantity by my ever resourceful sister Trish who has baked sweet and savoury scones, various pastries and a bunch more things with funny names that I can't remember.  Peter Rolfe and Pam Kelly are sat at the table ready to sell the books, Elaine is at the drinks table, Hilary doing the teas and coffees.  Now all we need is some people to wander in and buy the book.

Several kittens later it starts to happen and by 3pm the room has filled up quite nicely, at least some of the food mountain is being consumed and I've had a bit of practice at writing my name (a bit more and I should be able to spell it).  It's time to get up, say my thank-yous, reel off a few of the '23 Darned Good Reasons to Buy This Book' (as featured on the WMs blog) in the hope of getting some preliminary laughs, waffle a bit about how the project came about and then read a story from the book.  I do 'Enlightenment', the one about the evening class that - by the end of term - has become a deranged cult.  It seems to go down well and gets laughs in most of the places I was hoping to get 'em.  Phew.  

We sell enough books to slightly reduce the pile under my dining table, and it appears that everyone goes with the feeling they've had a good time.  Job done.  I'm still eating my way through the remaining 'nibbles' four days later.  I don't want to see another cocktail sausage for at least a year.  Oh no, wait...  I've got someone else's launch to go to in about half an hour's time...

Ah, the social whirl....

Actually, it's a week later and I'm still eating leftovers.  The other launch mentioned was a local arts group's launch and they had very sophisticated nibbles - pretzels, little crunchy savoury things - a rung or two up the class ladder, I suspect.  But hey, some of the paintings on display were delightful and if I had the money and the wall-space I'd have bought one or two of them.

I'm going easy on myself this post as I'd really like to do some work on my next project before another week winds to a close.  I don't know if any of the 'hits' on this blog mean that anyone is reading it with any regularity, but if anyone is and wonders what I look like when I am animatedly reading a story from Wilful Misunderstandings, here's one taken by Jamie Delano at the launch...

Whoo hoo.  There was an audience.  I didn't dream it.  

Or did I?

Happy trails.

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