Monday, August 22, 2016



I wanted to hang the moon and its glow
up from my ceiling to brighten my nights
they said I was foolish and I should know
that I had no claim to purloin satellites
(was I not content with electric lights?)
I told them my plans could still reach fruition
and they were the ones who lacked ambition

I required a mountain in my back yard
complete with eagles, snow, crags and a peak
they said the logistics were far too hard
that my neighbours’ views would be much too bleak
(a small rockery is what I should seek)
I told them they showed no true intuition
and mountains came to those with ambition

sure my attic could hold a universe
one hatchway to some endless diversion
they said: ‘you’re deluded or maybe worse
no house could contain such an incursion’
(could I not accept a loft conversion?)
I told them they had no sense of vision
infinite’s the limit of my ambition

And speaking of ambition, here's one more from th' Tube:

Toodle pip.

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