Monday, February 19, 2018

Mr and Mrs Mystery

Oh Mister Mystery
I’m in your constant ministry
Open up your canister
& show me something sinister

Bring me things I can’t describe
Carvings from some tattooed tribe
Deposits from a distant star
That shouldn’t be but somehow are
And as though unmeant to linger here
Let them all one day disappear

Or stretch apart my mental range
With something cute but rather strange
That has migrated too far north
And now meanders back & forth
Treading only obscure paths
It can’t be caught in photographs

With tales of odd amnesiacs
Seers and synaesthesiacs
Folk who dress as bears & cats
Wolverines & tangle-tailed rats
Let me peer through dark partitions
At those who’ve lost all inhibitions

Oh Mrs Mystery
I need your subtle palmistry
Open up your bag of tricks
Throw miracles into the mix

Show me frogs in great profusions
Falling from blue skies
Show me statues with contusions
As tears of blood drip from their eyes
Mandala cut in wheat field scene
The name of God in an aubergine

Experiments with weird results
Which folk would rather think were lies
You’ve stuff to start the strangest cults
But I have found it no surprise
As through your secrets I still dive
Much stranger yet
            to be

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